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Thank you to the generous spirits who have shared their experiences here!

Before seeing Aria, I was dealing with anxiety, depression, and back pain. Reiki has helped me tremendously, now I'm much happier, feel healthier, and more centred. I am also pain free for the first time in years thanks to her!  At the end of each session, she will tell me a few words that are always profound and life changing. She has an amazing intuitive capacity and helps you find healing and balance.                                                                                        

The Reiki healing was truly magical. You are amazing. I felt so balanced and clear after. It's incredible how much heat and energy you channel. It makes me want to get my practice in and work towards my level three. Thank you so much for classes and dedication.

E. Kokyai         

Aria is a very gifted and open minded Reiki instructor. She possesses a warmth and radiance that is very welcoming, especially to someone who is new to the field of energy healing. Her exuberance and spirit are very inspiring. Her strengths are underscored by the love, harmony and sincerity of her nature. I found Aria to be a phenomenal teacher, as she is well organized and always had time to answer to answer any questions I was unable to answer for myself. A wonderful Reiki instructor is guided by the heart and is always yearning for the next step. Aria possesses both of these qualities. Thank you for being such an inspiration to my spiritual journey.
                                                                                                                                                                                           C. W.

I first came to see Aria over two years ago. I had survived an electrocution and western medicine could not seem to help me with my many symptoms. After the first session, I began noticing changes in my mind and body, as well as a greater sense of clarity and focus. Every session I walked away feeling great, had a good sleep and awoke with a greater zest for life. Her knowledge of holistic health is amazing, coupled by the ability to communicate in a very loving way, make every session a great adventure of calmness and healing. Aria was and still is an instrumental part of my path and I am blessed to have the opportunity to have sessions with her.

Tom Prodnuk

I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to undertake my Reiki Level II training from Aria; she is both a gifted practitioner and a superb instructor. It was truly a powerful experience. Many thanks, Aria.
Laura Ramsay

Thank you for a great Reiki session, you are a gifted and talented practitioner. I felt very relaxed and peaceful after my session.


Your Reiki really was a HUGE help to me, I could literally feel the knots untie and open up, I don't think I've ever felt this before.

Loki (Distance healing session)

I'm feeling pretty good. For the past couple of days I've noticed I am starting to feel more at peace with myself, I am being more kind and forgiving to myself. And am excited to know and start believing that I do have the power to change and to heal, and that's exactly what I was hoping to get from my Reiki session, so thank you!


I just wanted to thank you so much for teaching my father Reiki and doing a healing session for my mom. You've made a tremendous difference in their lives. My dad does Reiki everyday and really enjoys it. He told me today that he did Reiki on my sister's dog because the dog couldn't calm down. After doing Reiki on the dog for a few minutes, the dog relaxed and fell asleep. My mom said she went out  and purchased the book that you recommended to her and finds it extremely helpful. They love Reiki!


I have worked on three different people now outside of the (Reiki) training and the feedback has been really great. I am so grateful for this practice and your wonderful leadership, thank you!


Last year I was introduced to Reiki through Aria.  She kindly gave me her website to read about it and then was open to any questions I had.  As I was in a mental state that was unknown to me, very angry, very scattered, very scared emotionally - I was looking for any aveune that could help me find the person I used to be.  I never would have guessed that this simple process would have transformed my life in such a positive way.  After completing the Level I Reiki course offered by Aria, I can honestly say, without any hesitation, that now I have a base of tools to use to continue to feel amazing.  I no longer carry any resentment,I  worry less, and I try to enjoy every aspect of my life.  Since practicing Reiki I have experienced many blessings and look forward to pursuing it more, under the guidance of Aria- to truly embrace all the good things life has to offer. I would recommend Aria to anyone wanting to enhance their quality of life.  She is compassionate, encouraging, and full of knowledge.  She believes in the process and it shows.  Many thanks Aria!!

I stand testament to Aria's amazing gift of energy work. She is truly in tune and aware of the ability that she has. I would have to say that I was in my best place in life, mentally, physically and spiritually, when she was working with me. I would 100% recommend Aria to anyone who is looking for awareness and balance and of course to feel the amazing benefits of her healing with energy.

Charity Carlson

When I came to Aria for my first Reiki session, I had no idea what it was; the session was a birthday gift from my husband. Although I only expected to feel relaxed at best, I left the session feeling energized and centred, as if years of "stuffiness" and fatigue had drained out of me. Three weeks later, that energy high was still there to the point that I ended up calling Aria to ask, "What did you do?"... at my encouragement, she set up a Level I class so I (and others) could learn more from her. I am now still involved in Reiki, now at Level III! Thank you SO much for opening my eyes to a new area of life and a gentle, loving healing modality. You will always be my first mentor in this area.

Cara Buckshaw