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Reiki Classes

Reiki is a natural system of energy based healing that involves laying the hands on or just above key energy centres (known as chakras or seals) as well as joints and areas of concern. It is deeply relaxing, heightens awareness, and works on all levels including body, mind, emotions and spirit.

As a registered teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA), Michelle follows the CRA's educational guidelines for each level of Reiki taught.  All Reiki classes have a maximum of 6 students, so there is plenty of time for individual student support.

Benefits of Learning and Practicing Reiki Include:                                   

  • Reiki teaches self healing, greater awareness and self reliance.
  • Reiki promotes love,compassion and inner peace.
  • Reiki teaches you, through experience, about the subtle energies in and around you.
  • Reiki practice increases intuition.
  • Reiki can be used on yourself, loved ones, children, animals, plants, or any living being.

Level I

In Level I the focus is on learning about what Reiki is, it's history, how it works and how you can use it to change and benefit your life. You learn both self healing and the healing of others. Level I provides students with a basic framework to use during Reiki sessions and teaches intuitive approaches to healing. Students study the seven main energy centres in the body and the human energy field. You learn Reiki principles, a presence meditation and a chakra clearing meditation. We address the concept of intention in healing and in life. You will receive a Level I attunement and have ample time for hands on practice and discussion. All students are provided with a professional manual of information. Upon completion of this 8 hour training, you will receive a Level I certificate.   

Level II

Take your experience with Reiki to a new and exciting level! In this class, you will learn about and be attuned to both traditional and non-traditional Level II Reiki symbols to strengthen and specialize your Reiki practice. (If you have not been taught by us before, we will re-attune you to Level I as well.) You will learn the power symbol, the mental and emotional healing symbol, as well as a habit treatment technique that eliminates unwanted patterns from your life. You will study the distance healing symbol for the purpose of remote healing and to send healing energy to past, present and future times. Students learn Reiki based manifestation and creative visualization tools and techniques. Level II also teaches how to use Reiki to clear rooms and bring specific intentions into your environment. Finally, you will learn alternate hand positions to use during Reiki treatments. All students receive a comprehensive manual in class. Upon completion of this 9 hour workshop, you will receive a Level II certificate.

Level III

Level III is the highest degree you can take before choosing to be a Reiki teacher yourself. In this fun 7 hour class, we do a short review of Levels I and II and answer any questions you may have. Students receive the traditional Usui Reiki Master symbol as well as other non traditional Level III symbols. You will learn about Kundalini energy and meditation. Also, we will incorporate manifestation work and creative visualization into our meditation practice. You will have the opportunity to explore concepts, philosophies, and scientific study connected to Reiki and energy based healing. In Level III students learn advanced healing techniques. As with all of our classes, you will actively practice the meditations, symbols, and techniques studied. Students receive the Level III attunement (and if you are new to our classes, we will re-attune you to Levels I and II as well) and a Level III certificate. A professional manual is provided.

Master Teacher Level

The Master Teacher Level in the Unified system includes 16 hours of study and practice,  completed over four days or sessions. This advanced course is designed for Reiki practitioners with a Level III in any Reiki system or lineage.

Our Unified Master Teacher Level Reiki class reviews all concepts taught in Reiki Levels I - III. You will study what it means to be a Reiki Master, advanced healing symbols, frequencies, meditations, and techniques. We look at the role of shamanism, herbalism, crystals, and  conscious creation in healing work. We study and practice advanced meditations, crystal grids, kundalini energy and merkaba work. Students receive information about tradtitional Reiki practices as well as non traditional practices so that they may walk away with information about both. Students learn how to and practice giving Reiki attunements for all levels in the Unified system. Also we go over teaching strategies and business approaches that will aid you on your path as a Reiki Master Teacher. A comprehensive 70 page colour manual is included and a  professional certificate is granted upon completion of the course.