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Reflexology depicted in the Physician's Tomb, Saqquara, Egypt, 2330 BCE

Regular reflexology sessions
bring a greater sense of overall well being and promote a deeper  understanding of your mind and body connections. Many people report improvement in symptoms of common dis-eases, such as headaches, diabetes, constipation, PMS and anxiety while undergoing regular reflexology sessions.

Proven Effects:

Reflexology reduces stress and tension. It helps release stagnant or restricted energy and it is wonderfully relaxing.

Reflexology increases blood circulation; thus, your body's cells can more effectively absorb oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood and eliminate wastes and toxins.

Reflexology is a science and an ancient healing art based on the principle that the feet, hands and ears have reflex points connected to every organ, gland and area in your body. Aria has been trained to apply specific finger and thumb techniques that stimulate reflexes, relax your body and create balance from within. She often combines elements of energy work into
Reflexology sessions.

     Reflexology for Pairs

In this 2.5 hour private workshop you and a partner will learn basic foot reflexology techniques to use at home.This is also an excellent introduction for those interested in taking a professional Reflexology certification course.

Reflexology Rates:

  • Single session (60 minutes):

       180 kuna       

  • Package of 4 sessions*:        
         650 kuna (*To be used within 6 weeks)
  • Reflexology for Pairs:             
         300 kuna per pair 

For your convenience, you can also pre-pay for reflexology sessions here using Paypal. Please note that rates will be converted into Canadian dollars if choosing to pay through Paypal. Thanks!