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Intuitive Distance Reiki

Just like an in person reiki session, distance reiki involves focused intention and intuitive guidance. It cleanses the recipient's energetic field and results in greater balance and healing. If remote healing is a new concept to you, it may seem hard to comprehend because it operates on such a different level than our regular day to day reality. However, if you've ever been open to the idea of intuition or psychic ability then you probably have a sense that intuitive messages and connections transcend space and time. So does remote healing.

Some scientists suggest that at a quantum level sub-atomic particles are not individual or separate but are instead extensions of a divine matrix or field of reality in which everything is interconnected. During a distance healing, the healer taps into that energetic field.

How A Distance Session Works:
1. Prior to the session we discuss, either via email or skype, your needs and intentions for the healing. Your intention could be based on a physical, mental or emotional issue.You may want to let go of a certain pattern you feel stuck in. Or you may want to bring something new into your life. If we are meeting for the first time, I may ask you to send me a photo of you via email to assist me in making a connection to you during the session.
2. Next, we decide on a time in which you can relax at home while I do the healing.
3. We do the session. I may incorporate the use of oracle or tarot cards for added insight if it feels called for. The healing lasts about an hour.
4. After the healing I provide you with an energy reading and intuitive messages to assist you on your journey forward. The insights gained will bring you greater awareness about the issues you are currently working on. The energy healing will allow you to clear old patterns or energies that have been blocking you from mental, emotional, and physical health and well being.

To varying degrees, clients will feel the energy as I work on them. Clients gain insight and experience positive shifts after distance healing sessions.

Single Distance Healing and Reading:        $50.00 (CDN) 

4 Distance Healings/Readings
$175.00 (CDN)
To be used within 6 weeks from date of purchase.

Distance Reiki Session

Email us at info@ariaholistichealing for more information and to book your session time!

"I just wanted to send you a quick update and a very big thank you! Zach has been really great since the healing session during the week. He's happier than he's been in a long time and it's so wonderful to see!! He has a lightness about him and his beautiful chuckles are back!! Seeing this change has just made me realise how much he was carrying. So a very heartfelt thank you from all of us."
Gina (Zach's mom) - Ireland

"I have received Distant Reiki healing work from Aria from over 1500 miles away! It was amazing to feel her work on me from so far away. She gave me a very accurate description of the emotional issues causing my physical symptoms. I was unaware of the root cause until she pointed them out. I felt immediate changes after the sessions, and the exercises I was given to practice later continued to help me heal. It was the fastest healing I have ever experienced. I have to admit I had a little doubt about how much could be done at a distance, but I don't anymore! Aria is the real deal!"             
K. Barry - Austin, Texas 

"First of all I wanted to thank you again for doing this for (and with) me, your support was truly amazing. I can tell from the way you receive messages and images that you are a remarkable healer and psychic already, and have by no means reached your limits yet.While I was meditating I could feel a very protective energy around me, like spirit guides who were playful and at the same time looking out for me. I felt the energies moving in and around me and sometimes I would get a tingling sensation where it was moving. For me, It was also interesting to compare the two experiences, since last time I could feel more of a shift, this time it seemed much calmer and gentler, but powerful nonetheless. I'm taking in everything you mentioned in your email as well, as your points are very valid.Again I love what you were able to do for me, thank you so much!
Loki - Stuttgart, Germany